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Cremation gardens

Lakewood’s cremation gardens were designed especially for the burial of cremated remains.

Garden of Serenity
The Garden of Serenity is a beautifully landscaped area located off the shore of Lakewood’s eight-acre lake (shown above). Cremated remains are placed in a granite container beneath a solid bronze marker. One lot may contain a single or double burial with one marker (up to two names).

Garden of Remembrance
Located on the east side of the cemetery, this cremation garden is surrounded by other “memorial park” gardens. In “memorial park” gardens, all markers are flush with the ground, which gives the area a park-like appearance. A large monument is placed centrally. This garden’s lots can accommodate up to two urns. Urns are placed in a granite cremation vault beneath a solid bronze marker.

See our memorial property price list (PDF) for price ranges. A Lakewood staff person can review options, benefits and costs with you. , please call us at 612-822-2171 or info@lakewoodcemetery.com to learn more, at no obligation.

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