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Memorial Property


A memorial marker lists the name, birth and death dates for the person buried in a grave. It provides a lasting link to departed loved ones - one that future generations can visit and remember. Lakewood offers a choice of granite or bronze markers in a variety of styles, or you can choose to have our skilled designers create a custom pattern for you. The photos on this page represent samples of just some of the markers we offer.

Care and protection of your marker
Lakewood assumes responsibility for the quality, permanence and care of its markers. All proceeds from the sale of markers at Lakewood are used to maintain our grounds and facilities, so Lakewood continues to be a beautiful place to visit year-round.

Convenient and affordable at Lakewood
Marker prices, which are quoted individually, include the cost of inscription and a fee for the foundation and installation. Financing is available.

Please call us at 612-822-2171 or info@lakewoodcemetery.com, to learn more at no obligation.


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